Solar Home is a renewable energy project developer, an engineering-procurement-construction (EPC), and an installer & operations-maintenance (O&M) company that aims to promote the use of free electricity through efficient solar solutions for a more sustainable and environmentally-safe living.

Through our premium quality solar products and solar energy expertise, we continuously provide a cleaner and safer renewable energy source to both residential and commercial establishments in which it has become a better alternative to reduce their cost and expenses, capped with environmental returns.

Solar Home upholds safety, quality, and innovation as the cornerstone of our business model, thus we establish an in-depth understanding of the engineering, construction, and on-time project management.



  • To promote renewable energy solution to every establishment nationwide.
  • To provide solar energy knowledge and understanding to the community.
  • To provide premium quality renewable energy solutions to our customers.


A nation that uses Solar Power as their main renewable energy source for a cleaner, sustainable living.

Core Values

Solar Home upholds these core values as our guiding principles in our services.

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    We make safety our top priority for both our team and customers. We see to it that our
    premium solar solutions are safely installed and well-maintained to every establishment.

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    We guarantee using only Tier 1 solar components to achieve the highest efficiency on our solar production.

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    Our team is composed of seasoned and experienced personnel who are trained both locally and internationally to provide the best in class solution.